Wednesday 2 March 2016

La Mer - Is it worth the hype?

I've been MIA for far too long but I'm back at it again and excited to blog a lot more frequently!! 

I thought I'd start with a blog about skincare since I've been obsessed with skincare ever since I was a little girl. Back then it was simply because of the fascination for the cucumbery or rosy smell of my mothers creams, lotions and potions which inspired images in my head of being all grown up, sophisticated and elegant.
Fast forward to my teenage years I was struggeling with acne and oily skin which (still fueled by my obsession for skincare, beauty and perfect skin) lead me to really research different products and with the help of my dermatologist figure out what works and what doesn't for my skin type and also develop a routine of always cleansing, toning and moisturizing every morning and every night.

Leaving my teenage years behind my skin type changed to pretty normal a bit on the drier and sensitive side with the occasional hormonal breakout.

As you can imagine I tried a lot of products over the years. Some cheaper ones like nivea and some really high end ones. Since there's so many great products out there it can be really overwhelming to decide what to buy and I always think hones reviews from my favorite beauty bloggers or platforms like makeupalley are so so helpful in deciding weather you should splurge on a certain item.
But sometimes there's a lot of hype around certain products and in my opinion it's not always worth it.

La mer is a extremly well known beauty brand hyped and talked about by a lot of celebrities and in loads of magazines and blogs. But there's a hefty pricetag attached to that brands name so I bought a couple of products and really tested them over a longer period of time to report back and share my opinion on weather you should guiltily spend that money or not.

The Moisturizing Soft Cream

I never actually tried the classic la mer moisturizer but I opted for the la mer soft cream, which is a lighter version of the cult product. It's infused with the same Miracle Broth of the original one so it's supposed to renew and energize your skin.

I think it's a really good moisturizer and I would happily buy it again if there weren't so many equally great and less expensive moisturizers out there with basically the same effect (I don't know about long term effects but the immediate ones are comparable to say Embryolisse which you can get for a fraction of the price…)

The Face and Body Gradual Tan

This self tan is a gradual self tanning lotion and moisturizer in one. This stuff is basically what gets me through february.  My skin hasn't seen the sun in months and I'm super pale so this stuff is great since it gives a very natural tan, you can use it on your body or face and it doesn't smell like fake tan which is always a bonus. It's expensive but gives a nice not orange shade of color so I would definitely recommend it.

The SPF 18 Fluid Tint

I love tinted moisturizers or BB creams so I had to try the la mer one. It has really little color pay off it's more like a slight colored veil over your face. I use it to just run errands or in combination with a concealer for a more polished look. For my drier skin it's not moisturizing enough during winter and I always have to use a serum or moisturizer underneath it, which kind of defeats the purpose. If you have combination or oily skin I think it would be a good option if you're looking for a really natural looking tinted moisturizer. The ingredients are certainly a plus. I use the shade light 02 but since the coverage is really natural I think I could get away with 01 or 03 as well. (I think this one is discontinued but there is a new Version out called The Reparative Skin Tint SPF 30)

The Broad Spectrum SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid

One really outstanding product is the spf from la mer. I have freckles so I've always been diligent with my spf. What I hate is how most spf somehow leave your skin feeling coated and waxy. On the beach that's one thing because you're sweaty and salty anyway but on a day to day basis I've always had difficulties finding a high spf which feels non tacky and natural. This one is super thin and weightless and great for underneath your makeup so I would definitely recommend giving this one a try if you're having the same issues. (As you can see on the picture I've used quite a lot already….)

The Treatment Fluid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15

My shade in this foundation is 01 Crème and to be honest I don't reach for this one that often (not that it's bad, I just have better ones laying around I guess…) It's really moisturizing and I think even for drier skin this would be too much in humid/hot weather and I personally like dewy skin but in a way I can control and certainly not all over. My shade is the lightest shade and it's quite dark so extremely pale girls could struggle finding a shade that fits…

So all in all la mer has some great products that are worth investing and others which aren't really worth it in my opinion. You should check out some reviews on your desired product before investing!
Some products I'd still really like to try are the new The Renewal Oil, The Intensive Revitaizing Mask and their Lip Balm!

Wednesday 18 March 2015

A Bikini a Day - Best Bikinis SS15

I don't live in the warmest country and we don't even have the privilege to be near the sea but it will eventually get warmer and what better way to prepare for summer than to shop for bikinis.
I personally think that you can find the best bikinis online and if you do your research you won't be lying there tanning in the same bikini that everyone else is rocking. 

But Bikini shopping is also hard, because you need to get very real with your body, know your body type, your skin color and so to say, you have to work with what you've got. 

My approach to bikinis is: 

  • Don't wear white to early on, you want to be tan for that
  • Ruffles, pattern, underwire and padding makes your bust look bigger (never too much padding though or you have to wring it out after you've been in the pool and all that water streaming down your stomach coming from your bikini top isn't the look you want to go for, I'm sure you know what I mean!)
  • If you want to hide a bigger butt don't wear the biggest coverage you can find, I find a slightly cheekier look is often more flattering than some giant fabric covering your behind
  • Black goes always and anywhere
  • Rather than having loads of cheap bikinis, have a few good quality pieces (having more bikinis then underwear might be fun if you're young but I'd rather invest in some classic high quality pieces and enjoy them longer instead...)
  • Oh and always always hand wash them after the pool or the beach!

Remember: a good bikini can make your skin look more tan and your body more whatever you want it to be.

There's tons of bikinis in the world wide web so I looked at (what feels like) all of them and picked my favorites.

Hope you like my choices!! :)

For the Fashionista

T by Alexander Wang
Mesh & Matte Maillot

Hana Neoprene Bikini


Victoria's Secret
Mesh Inset Triangle Bikini almost identical or at least very similar to the LENNOX one but a lot cheaper!

Poppy in Peach Soda

Last year I decided not to order a Triangl Bikini because it was on eveeryy inatagram account possible but this year I might, just because I love love love the colors of this particular one!

Bea in Light Pink

This you might recognize, it's in every major fashion magazine at the moment

Lennox in Black and White

Lisa Lozano
Cut Out Bikini 

Elle Mer Swim
Leahi in Sand

Red Carter 
Spice and Dice Wrap Bikini

Nostalgia Beach Mimi Bandeau Bikini

Citrine Swim
Tasman Bikini

Blue Life 
Parisian Fever Bikini

I especially like the back on this one

For the Glamazons

Victoria's Secret
Forever Sexy Striped Mesh-inset One -Piece

Victoria's Secret
Forever Sexy belted asymmetric One-Piece

Victoria's Secret
Crossover Halter One-Piece

And the same in black

ViX Swimwear
Betsey Bia Tube Bikini
(I've seen this on soo many Celebrities)

ViX Swimwear 
Coral Carmen Bandeau Bikini

Emilio Pucci Beach 
Print Bandeau Bikini

And a classic Missoni Mare triangle piece, these are much prettier in real life because of the luxurious fabric!

ViX Swimwear
Papyrus Triangle Bikini

Victoria's Secret
Very Sexy the sexiest Triangle Top

This one comes in a variety of colora but I think this blue one looks the classiest

Black Triangle Bikini

For the Preppies 

Marysia Swim 
Antibes Scallop Bikini Top

Tori Praver Swimwear
Shyia Bikini in Casablanca Seashell

Victoria's Secret
The Tassel Teeny Triangle Top

Victoria's Secret
The Tassel Triangle Top

Victoria's Secret
Ruffle Bralette Top (comes in various colors)

Plunge Front Scallop Swimsuit

Marysia Swim
Antibes Scallop Bikini Top

Tory Burch
Lypsi One-Piece Swimsuit

So solid Gabrielle One-Piece Swimsuit in Midnight

Ceramic Frill Bikini in Dot

Kate Spade New York
Georgica Beach Bow Bandeau Bikini Top

Blue Life
Capri Tri Bikini Top in Marine

Lisa Marie Fernandez
Natalie Flounce Bikini Set in Mint/Cream Bonded

The fun in the sun bathing suits

Barbie 80s Swimsuir

Hamburger Helper 80s Swimsuit

Beach Riot 
The golden Coconut One Piece Swimsuit

Molly & Polly
Jetski Life Neck Full Piece

Molly & Polly 
Yum Yum Bubblegum Festival Full Piece

And a couple of sporty/cute ones

Luli Fama
Cosita Buena Wavy Bikini Top in Mint (convertible and lots of other colors)

Victoria's Secret
The Colorblock Teeny Triangle Top

Victoria's Secret
The Flirt Bandeau in Blue/Purple Cloud

Victoria's Secret
The Ruffle Teeny Triangle Top in Purple Cloud